SOLID principles are not laws

I cringe every time I hear a dev say something is a ‘violation’ of one of the SOLID principles as if these are laws that MUST be abided by 👎🏻 …

They are great to be aware of and have in your toolbox but they are not cost free and don’t HAVE to be implemented in an architecture in order for it to meet it’s goals.

Of course I’m not saying don’t use or aim for SOLID in your apps but use them when appropriate and they ADD VALUE, don’t use them just to say your code is SOLID or because ‘best practices’. Devs regularly take them too far IMHO.

What do you think?
Are we too eager to apply SOLID to everything?

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I originally posted about this on my Twitter and LinkedIn profiles and as you can imagine I got a lot of very mixed responses, check them out for some good discussion.

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