Running multiple projects in Visual Studio at once

Launching multiple projects at the same time from Visual Studio can be really useful if one of your projects triggers an update in another. You can run projects of different kinds together for example a web app and a console app but in the example below I’m launching two MVC web apps together.

Setting multiple startup projects in Visual Studio is easy…

1 – Right click the solution and select ‘Set Startup Projects…’.
2 – Select ‘Multiple startup projects’ and choose two or more projects.
3 – Press run and Visual Studio will open them in your selected browser.

Running Multiple Projects in Visual Studio at once

Note… when we run multiple projects in Visual Studio by default VS will open each web app in different windows, but if you’d like them in multiple tabs of the same window you need to UNCHECK the ‘Stop debugger when browser window is closed, close browser when debugging stops’ checkbox in the Tools -> Options -> Project and Solutions -> Web Projects menu GUI.

As the name suggests if you do uncheck it you now need to explicitly stop the debugger in Visual Studio after closing your browser.

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