Poll Results : Will you use .NET 7 in production even though it’s not an LTS release

.NET 7 was released in November (2022) and includes a lot of awesome new features and performances improvements. It is a Standard Term Support (STS) release and not a Long Term Support (LTS) one though so it will go End of Support after only 18 months.

I ran a LinkedIn poll a few months ago asking will this affect whether developers choose to use it in production or not?

We can see that the majority of voters voted No and won’t put it into production. Personally I would absolutely be using it in prod, although I do understand some organisations have policies about using non-LTS releases and that things can move quite slowly in the corporate world so LTS versions give more time before needing to upgrade….

… BUT …

If we look at the End of support dates for both below, even though LTS releases are supported for 36 months (twice as long as STS releases) because there is a year between each release we can see there is actually only six months in the difference. Six months isn’t a big deal and the upgrade path from 7 to 8 (LTS) will likely be very smooth.

Do you have any issues running non LTS versions of .NET in production?

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