Poll Results : Do you have apps in production using jQuery

In work recently we were reminiscing about jQuery…. yes it’s still maintained and indeed there was a release in December.

It got me wondering how many devs still have apps using jQuery in production so I ran a poll on my LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.

The results above show that there is still a lot of jQuery based apps in production. I’m not surprised as IMHO jQuery was awesome and there’s nothing wrong with it. I personally loved working with it. Things can also move pretty slowly in the corporate world so moving away from ‘legacy’ libraries can’t just be done on demand.

I’ve no figures but I doubt it is being used for many greenfield projects these days as unfortunately it’s not ‘cool’ anymore. Furthermore one of the primary advantages it offered which was to abstract out all the browser differences between IE and Chrome etc. is now no longer as relevant as IE thankfully has died and Edge, Chrome, Firefox etc. are all very standards compliant.

What was your opinion of using jQuery?

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