Use bookmarks in Visual Studio to easily navigate back and forth between arbitrary code locations

Bookmarks in Visual Studio allow us to mark any arbitrary code location in our solution so we can easily navigate back to it.

To add a bookmark we can click the highlighted button below from the toolbar or use the Ctrl+K,K keyboard shortcut.

To navigate bookmarks press Ctrl+K,N to go to the next bookmark and Ctrl+K+P to navigate to the previous bookmark. Alternatively we can navigate explicitly via the Bookmarks window which is shown above and can be accessed via the View menu or from the Ctrl+K,W shortcut.

Note bookmarks are preserved after closing down Visual Studio and can be renamed.

How to enable parameter and type inline hints in Visual Studio

Inline parameter name and type hints are very helpful in Visual Studio to provide extra clarity on code without having to mouse over it and are available from VS 2019 16.8.

An example of parameter name hint is below…

While an example of a type hint is below and shows us that we don’t have to fight over whether to use var or not as the hint now makes the type 100% clear… 😂

To enable inline hints in Visual Studio check the boxes highlighted below…Note, if you want to convert the inline parameter hints to actual named parameters so they become part of the code file and will be visible on GitHub, during code reviews etc. simply double click a hint.

Chrome now supports HTTP 103 Early Hint status to enable faster loading of page resources such as CSS and JS

Google Chrome now supports the HTTP Early Hint 103 status. Early Hint 103s are used to indicate resources (such as CSS, JS, Images etc.) which are required by the page and are sent BEFORE 200 OK responses…

… This means the browser DOESN’T HAVE TO WAIT a couple of hundred milliseconds on the 200 response but can start loading the resources immediately which can result in faster final page rendering as things like CSS can be loaded quicker.

I’ve created the image below (adapted from here) to try and show the idea. Click on the image for a larger view in a new tab…

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