Entity Framework Core 6 will not scaffold a model for ‘pure’ many-many tables

From Entity Framework Core 6 pure many-many tables (eg. those without columns other than FKs) will not be scaffolded into C# classes when using the database first approach.

This allows for easier traversing of a relationship from one side to the other and produces less clutter in our models folder…

The underlying relationships will still be configured in the background via Fluent API configuration and will look similar to below..

Note this is a breaking change…
Breaking changes in EF Core 6.0 – EF Core | Microsoft Docs

How to change the default highlight colour of matching braces in Visual Studio

Visual Studio highlights matching braces when you place the cursor before an opening brace (or after a closing brace) but the visual effect is very subtle.

If you wish to put a little more emphasis on matching braces in Visual Studio check out the Options -> Environment -> Fonts and Colors tab as shown below.

Defer loading of images until a user scrolls to them using the HTML loading = lazy attribute

For your images which are ‘below the fold’ consider using the HTML loading=’lazy’ attribute which will defer loading of images until a user scrolls to them.

In the demo video below the page has 100 cat pictures but we can see from developer tools that they are not requested until a user scrolls to them so there is no wasted bandwidth.

The attribute is supported by most popular Chromium-powered browsers (Chrome, Edge, Opera) and Firefox. Browsers that do not support the loading attribute simply ignore it without side-effects.

Is anyone using this at the moment? It would be ideal to use on ecommerce or catalogue type of sites which are heavy on images where I imagine it could save lots of GBs of bandwidth every month.

More information from Google ->
Browser-level image lazy-loading for the web

Entity Framework Core 6 is feature complete

Zero open issues. Entity Framework Core 6 is done 😍😍😍.

539 closed issues for this release is amazing… especially considering how much time the dev team spend engaging with the community with Community Standups, GitHub, Twitter etc.

Anyone think they will be using Entity Framework Core 6 in production before the end of the year?

How to enable bracket pair colorization in Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio

When viewing code with deeply nested brackets, it can be hard to figure out which brackets match and which don’t.

Visual Studio Code now supports native bracket pair colorization (but you have to enable it) to help and in Visual Studio the same functionality is available from the excellent VIASFORA extension.

Who has colorization turned on in VS Code or is using Viasfora (or similar) in VS? I find colorization helps a lot particularly when working with JavaScript.

Bracket colours