Poll Results : In a microservices architecture do you prefer monorepo or polyrepo source control setup?

I ran a LinkedIn poll recently to see if devs preferred a mono or poly repo setup when using microservices for a single ‘app’.

After 566 votes we can see a preference for polyrepo…

Personally I prefer a mono repository setup as I think it’s just easier to manage and it gives me better visibility of what’s going on the app as a whole as I can look at the history of the one repo.

I should also note that storing microservices in a single repo doesn’t have to affect how they are deployed. You can still deploy them independently by putting build triggers on the folder level rather than the repo/branch level.

If devs do want to go the polyrepo approach I think it should be based around team responsibility and not number of microservices. For example if an app had 10 microservices and TeamA looked after 5 and TeamB looked after the other 5, I’d have two repos NOT 10.

What approach do you prefer?

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