Don’t over architect software by trying to fit as many patterns and popular approaches in as possible

I can definitely relate to the tweet below 👇🏻.

When I first started architecting software I was obsessed with complexity and regularly tried to fit as many patterns, ‘best practices’ and flavour of the month approaches in as possible.

Looking back now I know I over architected some apps and made them way more complicated than they needed to be. I think this probably happens to a lot of devs when they first progress from developer to solution architecture kind of tasks.

I found the below related graph on Twitter which I largely agree with… although I’d probably change ‘years of programming’ to ‘level of experience’ as it really depends on what you’ve been doing, not necessarily just years of experience.

Anyway thankfully today I’m much more pragmatic and this is the trait that I value in another developer above anything else.

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