What database is used most with Entity Framework?

Entity Framework can access many different databases through plug-in libraries called database providers.

Judging by the amount of downloads listed on NuGet, the SQL Server provider (287M downloads) is by far the most popular followed by the providers for SQLite (94M), Postgres (85M) and MySQL (34M downloads).

Below we can see a nice visualization of this from NuGet Trends which I’ve adapted slightly for display purposes.

Click on the image for a larger view in a new tab …

Note 1 …
The Oracle provider is just ahead of the Cosmos DB provider in terms of downloads but its kind of hidden behind it on the graph above.

Note 2 …
Technically the in-memory provider is the 2nd most popular with 143 million downloads BUT it’s just for testing so not shown above.

SQLite is used for testing a huge amount too but since it is production appropriate in many contexts I’ve included it in the graph.

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