Converting images to WebP format in Visual Studio with the WebP Toolkit extension

If your here I’m assuming you already know a little about it Googles WebP image format. If not check out ‘Googles WebP image format is approaching universal browser support but what is WebP and why should you care?’

There’s a lot of online convertors for creating WebP images but a handy Visual Studio extension called WebP Toolkit has just been released. This free extension allows developers to right click on an image or any folder containing images and have them converted to WebP.

The extension will save WebP files in the same location as the source images and after its installed options for the extension are available from Tools -> Options -> WebP Toolkit -> File Generating.

I’ve found quality level of 70 or 80 to result in significant file size reductions without any visible affect on image quality.

Visual Studio Extension for creating WebP files

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