Converting numbers to strings without scientific notation in C#

C# will automatically convert numbers which are of type float, double or decimal and have a lot of precision (lots of numbers after the decimal point) to scientific notation. The means if you have a double which for example contains the value .00009 and attempt to convert it to a string C# will display it as 9E-05. Of course this may not always be desired. To ‘fix’ this you just need to explicitly format the string:

double number = .00009;
string defaultNumber = number.ToString(); //9E-05
string numberFromToString = number.ToString("N5"); //0.00009
string numberFromStringFormat = string.Format("{0:F5}", number); //0.00009

Change 5 above to whatever level of precision you require.

2 thoughts on “Converting numbers to strings without scientific notation in C#”

  1. I just want to comment that your code helped me resolving a parsing problem here in the system I’m doing.


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