Adding a TXT DNS record on Blacknight

When verifying any of my sites for Google webmaster tools/search console etc. I usually just use the upload a file approach, but wordpress rewrites are messing with my whole root at the moment so I needed an alternative. I went with the TXT DNS record approach which was very easy. If you’re on Blacknight here’s how to add TXT DNS records:

Login and go to the DNS tab/page

1 - Login and click DNS

When on the DNS tab/page click ‘DNS Records’

click dns records - 2

When on DNS Records click ‘Add New DNS Record’

add new dns - 2

Change ‘DNS Record Type’ from A to ‘TXT’ and paste the exact text Google gave you into the data field. Leave ‘Domain’ blank. Click ‘Finish’

enter the string google tells you to - 3

Finally click ‘Verify’ back on Google (a new TXT DNS record should never take more than an hour to sync)


Hopefully the TXT DNS record is now propagated and you see something like this


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