Build acceleration available from Visual Studio 2022 17.5

Accelerated builds will be available in Visual Studio 2022 17.5 GA and now in preview 3+ which was released recently.

The feature aims to speed up solution and project build times and works by identifying situations where Visual Studio can copy files on disk rather than scheduling a build.

Build time savings from two real world projects with build acceleration enabled

Drew Noakes from Microsoft has a great thread about the new feature on Twitter. His thread (excerpt below) shows the build time differences when accelerated builds are enabled for the GitExtensions and OrchardCore projects.

He notes that build times can be cut by as much as 80% 🚀 … that’s pretty amazing.

Visual Studio accelerated build example

How to enable build acceleration in Visual Studio

Build acceleration is opt-in so assuming you’re on Visual Studio 2022 17.5 (Preview 3+) you can enable it either on the solution or project level by setting the AccelerateBuildsInVisualStudio¬†property to true.

To enable it on the solution level set the property in a Directory.Build.props file which you have created in your solution root.

.. or to enable (or disable) build acceleration on a project level set the property in the corresponding project file(s).

More info about accelerated builds

project-system/ at main · dotnet/project-system (

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